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Lukfook Announces Sales Performance for the Lunar New Year


(1 February 2012) ------ Lukfook Holdings (International) Limited (“Lukfook” / the “Group”) announces the sales performance of the Group during the period of Lunar Chinese New Year. Comparing the two periods of 14 to 30 January 2012 and 24 January to 9 February 2011, the same store sales of Hong Kong and Macau’s self-operated outlets grew by 4%, while that of self-operated shops in the PRC increased by 13%.

Mr. Wong Wai Sheung, Chief Executive of the Group said, “The severe cold weather mixed with rainy days deterred the tourists from visiting the territory and eroding their shopping appetite. Also the festivity peak seasons including Christmas of 2011, the Lunar Chinese New Year and Western Valentine's Day of 2012 are quite close; coupled with the traffic between Hong Kong and the PRC has become more and more convenient, so that tourists may readily come to Hong Kong for shopping in regular days rather than holidays. The Group will strive to provide high quality products and excellent services to boost the sales performance.”

“Besides, the Group’  Dragon is ideal for marriage and giving birth, we believe the demand for gold products will continue to increase. We are optimistic about the sales of our gold jewellery products.”

According to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, tourist arrivals for the period from 22 to 28 January 2012 (the golden week of Lunar Chinese New Year) totaled approximately 907,000, representing an increase of 5.5% from the same period of last year, which failed to hit the target growth of tourist arrivals of 10%. The Tourisim Board concluded that the underlying reasons are cold temperature, insufficient or highly priced hotel rooms.